Corporate Health and Wellness Program

Increase productivity, decrease sick days and improve team bonding

Corporate Health and Wellness

Increase productivity, reduce sick days and improve team bonding.

We are sure that these goals have been high on the priority list from the smallest to the largest companies worldwide. This is where Healthy Imaging shines.

Our Corporate Health and Wellness programs are among some of the most comprehensive and effective in Australia.



This seminar can be customised to suit your employees. We will deliver and educational seminar on the correct exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to achieve results. As we also have extensive knowledge in injury prevention whilst starting a new program, we will coach employees on how to minimise risk, therefore increasing longevity. Its not about a short term change, its about changing your employees lives forever.


Our state of the art truck comes to your place of work. We set up in a convenient location so your employees have very little downtime. All they have to do is jump on the truck for 10-15 minutes and then they can get straight back to work. Easy.


For those employees needing a little more help, we can provide consultations to do with exercise, nutrition or injury treatment. Our team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Dietitians are at the ready to help when needed. This is optional but recommended.


We come back to your place of work and re-scan your employees. This gives them their final results with a comparison chart to the first scan. From this we can determine if they are on the right track and make recommendations to continue achieving, or to make some tweaks to get the results they desire.


This seminar is designed to educate them on their results and allow Q and A time to learn. From this we can make recommendations to encourage them to continue to grow healthier, as a collective group. This solidifies and successes they have made, encourages continued learning and support of their co-workers and allows them to feel prepared to continue their path to a healthier, happier state of being.


Our program has been carefully developed to change the way we look at corporate wellness. By combining health, team bonding and education, we are able to help you begin a healthier workplace that is ultimately more productive into the future.



We come to you on time and ready to scan. We park as close as possible to your facility so your employees can walk straight onto our truck, get a scan, and then walk straight back off again into work.

Don’t get left behind

DEXA scanning is widely known as the gold standard in body composition and bone density scanning. If you aren’t using it, then your competition surely is, giving them the edge. It is the quickest and most precise way to determine the health of your employees. This will give them the tools to go away and make a healthy change.

Team bonding

Your employees can challenge and help each other along the way to improve their health together, as a team. Team health challenges have been shown to be very effective in team bonding. Your employees will grow in a positive, healthy way that will improve their self confidence as well as their ability to support their co-workers. Improving ones health is a surefire way to improve their mindset.

Reduce sick days and increase productivity

By improving the overall health of employees, you can ensure a reduction in sick days. Not only that, people who exercise more often are shown to have higher concentration, more physical and mental endurance and an overall increase in productivity. This is a worth while investment that could change your employees lives forever.

Healthy Imaging partnered with your business or company will ensure your employees are receiving the gold standard in progress tracking of their training and diet programs. Our beautiful purpose built Mobile DEXA lab has the latest in technology and is purpose built for both DEXA body composition and bone densitometry . From our Medix DR scanner, to the fully air-conditioned, private mobile lab you will be sure to enjoy your experience while getting the most precise body composition and bone density scans. Our mobile lab can be booked to come to your workplace at a time that suits you. Automatic hydraulic levelers stabilise the truck making it easy to get on and off for any person.

What’s Involved?

A DEXA scan is quick, painless and non-invasive. You will be instructed to lie flat on a padded table, staying very still, while the scanning arm passes above you. You remain fully clothed, preferably underwear, shorts and t-shirt or similar though you may be asked to remove heavy clothing, shoes, jewellery and metal objects. The scan will take around 6 minutes and your DEXA report analysed by our professionals will be ready immediately. Too easy!


To ensure that Healthy Imaging brings you the best-quality scans, we use the MediLink MedixDR.

The MedixDR features state-of-the-art 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology based on a 256 element detector, which provides excellent image quality as well as fast exam times, making it the ideal solution for all types of practices. Because of the reduced magnification and distortion effects (parallax errors) inherent to wide-angle fan beam densitometry, the 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology in the MedixDR ensure that area, BMD and geometric measurements are always accurate.


Take the guesswork out of your training and diet regime and get scanned on Australia’s most precise DEXA scanning unit!


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